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Welcome to Sabrina Deep's website. You are about to get to know everything about my life as a real amateur porn model! I enjoy hardcore sex both with my husband and my fans and i get really turned on showing it all off eheheh
I am an amateur nympho housewife who likes to be naughty and to get laid all the time. I'm not a teaser...i do this because i love to have sex and you can consider me very open minded about it. I don't orgasm and squirt less than 4 times a day and every moment, every place, every boy and girl are good for me to unleash my sexual appetite. I love to deep-throat big cocks, to swallow cum, to perform ass2mouth and to play watersports and all my live webcam shows are strictly hardcore.
A Slut Dedicated To Drain Your Nuts
World Bukkake Tour 2010 is here! Check the official site to see if i'm coming near you and apply to meet me in the flesh and to cover my face with your cum.
Last year's tour has been a blast and we have filmed it all. Watch all the dirty action in my members' area and get ready for this year tour: chances are that i'll be popping in your town to swallow your loads live.

Access to my members area will also grant you free access to all my DVDs - including the record-breaking The London Gangbang -, my live shows and to the webcam of a lot of gorgeous and naughty girl friends of mine!


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When i have guests for dinner i always make them aware of my need for appetizers; and when i tell them that they must provide the main ingredient they seem to love it eheheheh Here is hubby's friend who was very glad to cum on the table and letting me eat his spunk. Of course i had to help him with the "milking" part, but that was not a problem at all: i took off my clothes and started playing with my DD boobs and licking my stiff titties until he got hard and then i gave him a very wet deep-throat blowjob until his cock exploded and shot a massive amount of cum on the table, which i cleaned until the last drop mmmmm

On June 25th, check me out on Sirius sat network at 8.30am EST: i'll be starring on The Howard Stern Show and it will be a blast!

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The toilet: that place where we spend a lot of time every day, for one reason or another, and still many people seem not to have one at home, judging from their shyness when you talk about the topic. I love the toilet! It is a very relaxing place and a very naughty one at the same time eheheheh i have a lot of sex in my bathtub and in my shower and even more in public toilets, when i go out by night: and i have no secrets for my fans! I love watersports and the toilet is one of the best places where to take and give the golden shower. My members area has plenty of videos and pictures of me playing with pee and orgasming like crazy, and you can also see me while taking a bath or while i'm cooking and eating naked.

Did you know...my hair is 3 feet (90cm) long, curly, and i've never dyed it in my entire life.

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All my videos come also in MP4 format for your iPod - Take Me With You!!

Veggies and fruits are big favourites of mine and they are real value for money. In fact i don't just eat them: i also play with them! I love to stuff my holes with cucumbers, bananas, peeled and not, carrots, leeks, lemons, tomatoes, zucchini. My fans often request special themed live webcam shows with the veggies and fruits as special guests. There are many pics and videos on my members' area with veggies and fruits, including one set where i let a lemon and a tomato disappear up my cunt and then shoot them out giving new birth to them. Oh...and my ass does not just watch, of course! In fact this slut loves to have both holes filled at the same time, plus a cock punding her throat.

Did you know...i am 28 yo, Canadian-German, i am 6 feet (181cm) tall, and i have 100% natural DD boobs.

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Squirting is really addictive and i think i realized to be a nympho slut when i first squirted, as a teenager. An orgasm accompanied by squirting can be really really intense and i don't squirt less than 4 times a day: anything can be a good excuse for me to lay or sit and squirt and i'd do everything for letting it happen. My hubby loves it and i love it even more to feed him with my cum and pussy juices. In this set he fucks me really hard, with me being doggy, on top of him, front and reverse, and missionary, until i squirt repeatedly; then i give him a foot-job, suck his cumming cock, self-fist my ass and then squirt again with a peeled banana up my cunt. Yummi!!

Did you know...on my members area you can find my contact details and chat with me every day and you can even meet me for real and being part of my photo-shootings and videos.

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Bondage can be real fun, at least for me. I love to have a man in control and being used for his pleasure, without having much freedom of movement. My cunt stays exposed to the man's will and so do my ass and mouth. It's a real twist to know that your holes might be soon filled with hot cum and i always love to watch my cunt and ass dripping spunk, afterwards: fingering my cunt full of spunk is a great hot sensation and it drives me to the orgasm literally in minutes; the cum mixes with my juices and while i'm still shaking, i must clean it all with my fingers, bring them to my mouth and eat all that special nectar. I could do it again and again...

Did you know...my webcam shows are always rigorously live and hardcore and i always take time to chat 1 or 2 more hours with my fans, after the show.

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This set was great fun! I met one of my fans and gave him the opportunity to spend the night with me. He was a bit shy at first, but then he relaxed and became very funny and showed a great sex drive. He fucked both my pussy and ass and then he asked for shooting his cum over my tongue and watch me swallowing it: of course i didn't pull back eheheheh While i was swallowing his cum, he was hard again and i let him take me from behind for a full second round. Antony, thanks a lot for the great fun and for all the support that you keep giving to me, as a fan!

Did you know...i swallow 3 loads of cum a day, weekdays, and 5 a day on weekends, on average. That's about 1/2 a liter each and every week...hic! You cannot certainly say that i don't get enough proteins!

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